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Stars Above ✨ A virtual donor remembrance


“Tonight, we dedicate a star in honor of your loved one, of our 2020 Arizona donors. So, when you look up in the sky tonight, you’ll be able to see the light that they left behind, knowing that other families are looking at the same star and their hearts are filled with love,” says Tim Brown president and CEO of Donor Network of Arizona (DNA).

Even though this ceremony took place virtually, this beautiful event connected 2020 donor families and recipients through the hope and light donation brings. The comments shared in the live chat expressed the theme, Stars Above, which reflects what we hope donor families feel, that a star shines the brightest in the darkest of times.

He Gave Life and Light in abundance

Shawn Hunt passed away unexpectedly in July 2016, and became an organ donor. Shawn gave life and light in abundance, and he was known for being a quiet man who helped anyone who needed it. The father of two saved six lives and gave hope to many other families.

Shawn’s father, Kermit Hunt, is thankful that through organ donation Shawn has been able to bring hope and beautiful life to other wonderful families. Shawn’s family sent letters to his organ recipients so they can continue to see how Shawn has given light and hope through organ donation.

Your son Blessed me with life

(l to r: Corrine Craig, Stephen Craig, Kermit Hunt, Stacy Hunt)

Stephen Craig received one of those letters, along with a second chance at life thanks to Shawn’s heart donation.

Stephen is forever grateful that Shawn’s family was able to make such a lifesaving choice during such a tragic time.

“Your son blessed me with the miracle of life through the donation of his heart, every breath I take, every beat of my heart is because of Shawn and the two of you,” says Stephen during the event honoring the life and light of donors. “I cannot thank you enough and I wish there were words to convey my gratitude for the gift of life the three of you have blessed me with.”


Sparkling Star Register

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