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Celebrating National Funeral Professionals Appreciation Day


March 11 is National Funeral Professionals Appreciation Day. Sometimes called the “last responders,” funeral home professionals are there at the end of someone’s life to guide each family.

Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) partners with funeral homes across the state to ensure that we honor everyone’s end-of-life decisions, including organ, eye and tissue donation.

We’re so grateful for our funeral home partners that support donation. They put families first, honoring their values and beliefs of helping others in need. We thank them for all they do to help make donation happen for so many.

Can organ, eye and tissue donors still have an open-casket funeral?

Yes! Donor Network of Arizona works closely with funeral homes to ensure that organ, eye and tissue donation does not alter funeral arrangements, including the option of an open casket service. 

Throughout the entire donation process, the donor and donor family are treated with dignity and respect. This includes holding a moment of silence, and sometimes reading words prepared by the family, before recovery starts in an operating room. After recovery, the team performs a restorative process.

How can funeral homes partner with Donor Network of ARizona?

Thank you to all of the funeral professionals who care for donor families, and honor donors and their legacy of generosity. Thank you for being champions of the Donate Life mission and supporting organ, eye and tissue donation.

Are you a funeral home professional who wants to show your support for the lifesaving and healing gifts of organ, eye and tissue donation? Are you looking for education and resources about the donation process? Reach out to us!

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To make a referral for organ, tissue or eye donation, please call 1-800-447-9477.

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