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Working at Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) is more than organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation. We work in the field of generosity, facilitating the selfless gifts of organ, eye and tissue donation to save and heal lives.

DNA employees use their unique talents to make the most of every situation, every opportunity and every donation. Each position at DNA plays an important role in the donation process while honoring the legacy of donors and celebrating the renewed health of recipients.

We are looking for dedicated individuals, excited to be a part of our culture!

Our Core values support our vision, shape our culture, and reflect who we are. Through Positive Energy, Passion and Eagerness we:

  • Respect, support and encourage others
  • Demonstrate a “can-do” attitude
  • Seek solutions and offer suggestions for improvement
  • Demonstrate pride and enthusiasm for our mission and take ownership for our actions
  • Make the most of every opportunity
  • Exhibit a commitment and dedication to the gift of donation
  • Embrace challenging opportunities
  • Demonstrate initiative; willing to take the first step
  • Engage in the culture of DNA

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  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, txt.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, txt.

Please contact Human.Resources@dnaz.org for more information.

Positions are based in Phoenix, AZ unless otherwise notated in the position title or description.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Research Project Coordinator-Organ Services Department:

The Research Project Coordinator is responsible for identifying and developing relationships with individuals and agencies who wish to perform research with cadaveric human donors, organs, and tissues. He/she seeks opportunities for Donor Network of Arizona to work with researchers to fulfill their needs consistent with donors’ and donor families’ wishes. He/she reviews the project proposals received and seeks approval from the Vice President of Clinical Services and the DNA Research Committee.

Once projects are approved, the Research Project Coordinator collaborates with clinical recovery leadership to develop protocols consistent with project guidelines, coordinates staff training to ensure that staff speaking to donor families can accurately represent the scope of the projects to donor families and that all recovery staff are prepared to participate in the project.

During the course of the project, the Research Project Coordinator serves as the primary liaison between DNA and the researcher. He/she collects any required data from the recovery staff, ensures that it meets the requirements of the researcher, and submits the data according to the researcher’s directions.

The Research Project Coordinator provides ongoing training and project updates for DNA staff, as well as for DNA leadership and the DNA Medical Executive Committee. He/she may serve as DNA’s representative on regional and/or national committees related to research. He/she presents on DNA’s research program to internal and external clients.


  • Project reporting experience
  • Managing research project implementation
  • Ability to develop and identify relationships with researchers and agencies
  • Ability to effectively deliver presentations and education
  • Strong verbal, written and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal and strong presentation skills
  • Demonstrated computer skills in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint


  • Bachelor’s degree in health sciences, business or equivalent.
  • Professional Education in a healthcare environment
  • Prior staff development / training experience preferred
  • Ability to develop, implement and maintain a variety of programs
  • Creative and innovative problem-solving approach
  • 2-3 years’ experience minimum
  • Occasionally subject to long irregular hours
  • Occasionally function in a clinical environment, including exposure to bio-hazardous material
  • Travel required
  • Occasional pressure due to multiple calls and inquiries

Donor Program Development Coordinator-Tucson:

The Donor Program Development Coordinator is responsible for maximizing the total number of donors recovered for transplant in Arizona through the implementation of a development and education process at assigned hospitals. This position works collaboratively with hospital medical, nursing, ancillary departments; in addition to Organ Recovery, Tissue Recovery and other DNA departments as necessary in the planning, design and maintenance of educational and quality assurance programs related to donation.

Responsibilities are to be carried out in a fashion that reflects DNA’s comprehensive/full-service approach to donation with attention to priority management based upon donor potential.


  • Positive and professional communicator/collaborator
  • Developing and maintaining constructive relationships
  • High visibility traits in working environment
  • Facilitation of quality assurance programs, training and presentations
  • Clinical/hospital relationship experience
  • Identifying triggers for potential organ donation and ensuring hospital education
  • Self-driven/motivated individual to work with assigned hospitals
  • Organization-focus on multiple projects at once
  • Detail oriented-providing quality feedback and ensuring accuracy 


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • 2-3 years’ experience-sales, education, clinical, healthcare administration
  • Share on call responsibilities with other coordinators.

Tissue Recovery Coordinator I -Tissue Recovery Services:

As a  Tissue Recovery Coordinator I (TRC I) you will need to be available to assist the Lead Tissue Recovery Coordinator, Tissue Recovery Supervisor, and other team members with donor activity. The TRC I shall perform tissue recovery procedures according to protocol, perform blood sample collections, and maintain a clean, safe operating room environment. The TRC I shall also perform other duties as requested to get the job done.

Current Shift Needs:

  • Shift 2200-0600
  • Flexible schedule- Must be able to work outside of normal business hours including nights, weekends, holidays and extended hours
  • In-state travel required, by automobile, sometimes alone, sometimes with a surgical team


  • Surgical Technology Background
  • Knowledge of Biological Sciences
  • Clinical Recovery Experience
  • Ability to be exposed to unpleasant elements such as accidents, injuries and illnesses that cause death
  • Subject to varying and unpredictable situations
  • Handle pressure due to multiple calls, inquiries and / or multiple donors
  • Adaptability-Subject to contact outside of scheduled working hours
  • Resilience-Emotionally intense
  • Technician or Certified Tissue Bank Specialist


  • Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent Education or Job Experience
  • 1 year minimum experience

 Tissue Recovery Technician I-Tissue Services Department:

Donor Network of Arizona is seeking a Tissue Recovery Technician (TRT).  As a Tissue Recovery Technician you will be assisting the Lead Tissue Recovery Technician and other team members with donor activity.  The Tissue Recovery Technician shall perform tissue recovery procedures according to protocol, perform blood sample collections as requested, and maintain a clean, safe operating room environment.  The TRT shall also perform other duties such as prep, pack, restore and assist as requested.
Current position needs are:
• Shift  10pm-6am 
• Ability to work 8 hour shifts 5 days a week. No set days off
• 4 weekend shifts required a month
• Some out of town travel associated
• Hourly position with potential for overtime
Skills & Requirements 
• Preferred education; basic college courses, H.S. Diploma required.
• Minimum Experience 0- 6 months.  Preferred Experience; 1 – 2 Years.
• Minimum Field of Expertise; Surgical technology background, Knowledge of biological sciences.
• Technical work.
• Excellent human relations and oral/written communication skills.
• Driving company vehicle is required
• Physically demanding position with the ability to lift 50-75lbs

Organ Referral/Preservation Coordinator-Organ Services Department:

As an Organ Referral/Preservation Coordinator you may play a dual role and be responsible for maximizing the organ referral and evaluation process in collaboration with the advisor on call (AOC), organ recovery coordinator (ORC), donation and family advocate (DFA), hospital staff, physicians, and medical director as needed. Primary role will be in organ allocation/preservation.

The ORPC is responsible for responding to heart beating ventilated referrals, assessing organ donor suitability, and enhancing the donation process. The ORPC is responsible for maintaining donor records, assisting hospital development with post-donor hospital communication, providing donor family support, and communication in conjunction with donor family advocate services.

For potential organ donors, the ORPC is responsible for facilitating family approach regarding donation and obtaining informed consent, in collaboration with the ORC and DFA staff if available, as well as performing the medical and social history interview.  Also, informing the donor family of donor designation and providing support to the family to proceed with the donor’s wishes. This includes collaborating with hospital staff to determine appropriate timing for family counseling and approach.

The ORPC may also be responsible for the procurement, preservation and packaging of cadaveric organs in the operating room on heart beating and asystolic donors. Performs pre-recovery lymph node biopsies on cadaveric organ donors. Conducts machine preservation of kidneys taken from asystolic donors.


  • Excellent human relations and oral/written communication skills
  • Provides hospital development education, OR and/or referral response
  • Shows clinical, communication, and professional growth
  • Answer telephones
  • Input data into computer programs
  • Maintain logs
  • Maintain patient charts
  • Ability to support Donor Network’s mission, vision, and values by exhibiting the following behaviors:  excellence and competence, collaboration, innovation, respect, dedication, personalization, commitment to our community, accountability, and ownership.


  • 3 ‑ 5 Years, tissue/ocular recovery
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred or medical certification, Licensure/Registration, Surgical Technician, Associate’s Degree, EMT-P, LPN, RT,RN,  previous OPO experience, previous ocular or tissue recovery experience.
  • Operating room / Surgical scrub or medical field/medical terminology field
  • 2 ‑ 3 Years surgical experience
  • 1 year experience in the medical field/medical terminology or new graduate RN.
  • Shares 24-hour “on-call” responsibility on a rotating basis with other organ recovery coordinators.
  • Responds within the established timeframe to potential donor referrals.
  • Carries a functioning mobile phone while on call.
  • Is prepared on a daily basis, with all of the necessary supplies, to perform and complete organ donor cases when on call.
  • Owns or has unlimited access to a motor vehicle while on call.

Donation & Family Advocate-Donor Family Services:

Donor Network of Arizona is seeking an emotionally strong, genuine, compassionate, intuitive and mission driven individual to work with families at the time of their loved one’s death regarding end-of-life decisions for organ and tissue donation.

As a Donation and Family Advocate, you must possess the courage to walk into extremely challenging and uncomfortable face to face situations with the motivation to confidently explore donation with families at their most devastating time of loss. Our ideal candidate is someone who thrives in working as part of a team of professionals dedicated to on-going learning with one another in a collaborative style. Challenging work but incredibly fulfilling for an individual seeking purpose-driven and life changing work for themselves and for the families they meet. Because of the nature of the work, this person must have proven experience in managing and resolving conflict in a positive way. You must possess excellent communication and relationship-building skills.


  • Ability to persist in situations dealing with intense emotions and working with diverse cultures and various family dynamics in crisis and trauma on a daily basis.
  • Flexibility with unpredictable work schedule – Full time, on call 24hour shifts.
  • Resilient, strong, socially intuitive, self-aware and positive attitude.
  • Detail oriented, a great work ethic and likes to help people.
  • Ability to communicate well with sensitivity to the context of conversations.
  • Prior work experience in social work, counseling, ministry or chaplaincy work.


  • Spanish fluency preferred.
  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree or Associate’s degree with equivalent experience and knowledge will be considered.  Three years’ experience in counseling, crisis intervention, ministry, social work, death and dying education.
  • Master’s Degree – preferred.

*Donor Network of Arizona offers a competitive salary and benefits, but more importantly offers work in a field that touches lives every day as we connect the generosity of donors to those in need.

Donor Support Coordinator-Referral & Donor Screening Services Department:

This Donor Support Coordinator must possess a strong desire to help others and be comfortable frequently working with families over the phone at their most devastating time of loss. Our ideal candidate is someone who thrives in working as part of a team of professionals dedicated to on-going learning with one another in a collaborative style. Challenging work but incredibly fulfilling for an individual seeking purpose-driven and life changing work for themselves and for the families they meet. Because of the nature of the work, this person must have proven experience in managing and resolving conflict in a positive way. You must possess excellent communication and relationship-building skills. Working knowledge of various cultures and their beliefs as well as experience with diverse populations is a real benefit.

Job Duties:

The Donor Support Coordinator screens patient medical and social history with nurses, family members, administrative personnel and technicians; donor case management, customer service, adherence to policy, bulletins and advisories; document accurately, thoroughly, timely, and professionally according to department procedures; coordinates and dispatches technician teams; Obtains and verifies the legal consent. Communicates and guides next of kin family members providing information about the gift of donation immediately after the loss of a loved one.

• Bachelor’s Degree or higher
• Excellent verbal communication and written skills
• Basic computer literacy with a minimum typing speed of 25 wpm
• Definitive Team Player
• Knowledge, work, and life experience to connect with families in a meaningful way
• Must demonstrate and draw from experiences, this is not an entry level

Quality Assurance Coordinator I

As the Quality Assurance Coordinator you will perform daily quality assurance reviews of tissue donors to ensure suitability according to department guidelines and thresholds. Ensuring that all donor medical records are in compliance with established regulations and standards, to include Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) Standard Operating Procedures, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), and affiliate program standards. You will ensure that all necessary follow-up information is obtained and given appropriate follow-up as needed and required by affiliate programs. Coordinate and facilitate outside processing and distribution program relationships as well as support Donor Family Services activities. The QAC supports the Quality Department with the execution of quality throughout Donor Network of Arizona and initiation and execution of quality improvement projects.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and sharp attention to detail
  • Auditing of documents for accuracy, discrepancies, obtains missing information and corrects errors.
  • Establish filing systems/Maintain filing systems
  • Input data into computer programs/learn new systems quickly
  • Maintain electronic and/or paper donor medical records
  • Proficiency in spelling and grammar
  • Use of Excel spreadsheet/database software to conduct analyses
  • General knowledge of biological sciences & medical terminology
  • Professional and appropriate writing style-emails/memorandums/procedures
  • Ability to meet and follow deadlines
  • Self-paced to work efficiently and accurately 


  • Associate’s Degree or Equivalent, Preferred Bachelor’s Degree
  • Certified Eye Bank Technician-preferred
  • Certified Tissue Bank Specialist-preferred
  • 1-2 Years’ QA Experience preferred

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