Discover resources available to our donor families for honoring loved ones who shared the gift of life.


Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. Throughout May we recognize those waiting for a lifesaving transplant, selfless donors who have given the gift of life and the contributions to the world of donation within, and from, this community.

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Beyond the Call: Celebrating National EMS Week

May 19 – 25, we recognize National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week. As this week unfolds, let’s take a moment to recognize the unwavering dedication and courage of our EMS professionals. These individuals serve as first responders in times of crisis and deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

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The tummy angel

Valen Krasnov was just 3 years old when his parents learned he was in liver failure. He needed a transplant. The shocking news came after Valen and his father, Zaccarri Krasnov, went on a camping trip and noticed Valen’s eyes were almost completely yellow—jaundiced. He was admitted into the hospital in June 2021.

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Ending the pediatric waiting list

There are more than 2,100 children under the age of 18 on the national transplant waiting list, and 27% of them are under five years old.

This week, April 21-27, is National Pediatric Transplant week. This initiative serves to end the pediatric transplant list for the 2,100+ waiting, and honor pediatric donors and their families.

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Donors are superstars!

Did you know that April is National Donate Life Month? This annual recognition was established by Donate Life American and its partnering organizations in 2003. Through the efforts of Donate Life affiliated organizations, health care partners, participating community organizations and people like you, we aim to encourage everyone to register as organ and tissue donor and to honor those who have saved and healed lives through the gift of donation.

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Generosity lives on

“David Andrew was the most thoughtful, kind and helpful person you would have ever met. He constantly brought smiles to those around him,” says Brandy, his girlfriend.

In August 2022, he suffered an asthma attack that severely injured his brain. Twelve days after the injury, Andrew went on to donate his kidneys, bone marrow, tissue and corneas.

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Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

POV: DNA employee and mother of a child with Down syndrome.

Please join my family along with other families around the globe on March 21 to embrace diversity, inclusion, and the unique contributions of every individual born with Down syndrome. 

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From table to table and heart to heart

Food is powerful! It is a language that speaks to the heart and soul and brings people together. Through the kindness of our donor families who have so thoughtfully shared their loved one’s stories and special recipes with us, Recipes of Remembrance has become the plate upon which the power of generosity and food are served.

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Sharing hope with a smile

Comedian Jazrome Allen “AJ” Coulter began his comedic journey through an unconventional path. In 2016, doctors diagnosed Coulter with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). A year later, he transitioned to a demanding life on dialysis, enduring five and half seemingly endless years.

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6 reasons to register as an organ and tissue donor

Just one donor has the potential to save eight lives through organ donation and restore up to 75 more through tissue donation. The need for organ donation in the United States and Arizona is high.

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