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Happy Mother’s Day!


This Mother’s Day, we are thanking all the mothers who have said “yes” to birth tissue donation.

Through Donor Network of Arizona’s (DNA) birth tissue donation program, birth tissue (placenta and umbilical cord) can become a priceless gift with the potential to aid in the healing of multiple or various types of surgical procedures.

The placenta is the surrounding membrane that provides nourishment to a baby. After a scheduled c-section, the placenta is removed by the physician. The placenta, which is normally discarded at this time, can be used to help others with the mother’s permission. The decision to share this gift to help others does not affect the health and safety of the mother or baby.

In the video below, hear from DNA employee’s very own birth tissue donor, Neqwa Hill. Neqwa, a clinical information specialist at DNA, was a birth tissue donor when her baby girl, Arya, was born last year.

Neqwa and Arya’s birth tissue was one of the 54 successful DNA birth tissue donations in 2019, which was also the first full year of the birth tissue donation program.


We honor the mothers who have chosen to not only bring life into the world but share it with those in need. Happy Mother’s Day!

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