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Happy Valventine’s Day!


We are pumped for Valventine’s Day! Are you?

On Feb. 14 we’ll be celebrating National Donor Day. This is a time to focus on all types of donation, which can save, heal and renew the lives of so many. We recognize how organ, eye, tissue, blood, platelet and bone marrow donations all play a role in healing and saving people in Arizona and across the country and the world.

Here at Donor Network of Arizona (DNA), we affectionately call it Valventine’s Day to emphasize the impact donated heart valves can have. Heart valve transplants go to pediatric patients more 76% of the time. It gives them a second chance at life even before their lives truly get started.

His Golden Heart

Julianne Orren says the biggest question she has ever been asked is “Will you consider donating your son’s heart valves?” Little did she know that the effect of her quick “yes” would be the thing that carried her through one of the most difficult times of her life.

Once born, “Nate the Great” would not be able to survive long in this world, and after a short, precious time with his family, he went on to be a heart valve donor and a hero.

“Giving heart to the world is the only thing in all the string of change that this loss brought on that made any sense!” says Julianne. “That night, Nate the Great became a hero to two families and their babies who received part of his golden heart.”

Hearing that Nate’s donated heart valves had saved two other children gave his family a silver lining of hope.

“[Fifteen years ago], two phone calls were placed to parents who had babies with hearts that needed a new valve to save their hearts from needing a transplant in their future. I have imagined these parents answering these calls with the summons for transplant surgery that night. Elation, nervous fear, tears, calling of support, kisses and hugs, relief all wrapped in a blanket of hope and incredible gratitude. Each knew what available valves meant to another family and I have huge compassion for that knowing,” writes Julianne in a post honoring Nate on Facebook.


Arizonans’s Generosity Has Not Wavered

Tragic and world-shifting events in 2020 offered unique challenges, but “Arizonans’ generosity has not wavered” says Tim Brown, DNA’s president and CEO.

DNA recorded the highest number of heart valve donors for a single organization in United States history last year.

Join us as we celebrate Valventine’s Day and in honoring all our donors from 2020, a remarkable year in sharing the gift of life!

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