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Personal Stories

A mother’s gift…

Expectant mother Valerie Sperduti planned on bringing one new life into the world, but was amazed to discover she could give the gift of healing to many more. After learning she would need a scheduled cesarian section, she discovered placenta donation.

“While working full time and mother of a toddler, I had no time to think about squeezing anything additional into my schedule,” says Sperduti. “With just a phone conversation, I learned that I could give the ultimate gift of healing at no cost to myself!”

Birth tissue can provide healing through many procedures, including skin grafting and neurological reconstructive procedures. Excited by the opportunity to give this selfless gift, she signed up.

“The collection of my placenta did not interfere with delivery or put me or my baby at risk,” says Sperduti. “Unless you have other plans for your placenta after your delivery, it will just be thrown away! I’ve learned that life is so unpredictable. You never know when someone you love could use the gift of healing.”

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