Discover resources available to our donor families for honoring loved ones who shared the gift of life.

Donor Family & Advocate Services

Donor Network of Arizona’s (DNA) Donor Family and Advocate Services is privileged to provide continuing care to our donor families. We take our direction from the generosity and example we have learned from donor families.

Each year, we provide opportunities for donor families to gather together and remember their loved ones and the precious gifts they so generously gave to others.

Donor Family and Advocate Services also facilitates the Arizona Donor Quilt project and invites donor families to dedicate a quilt square in memory of their loved one, which is then sewn onto a beautiful quilt demonstrating the generosity of Arizona donors.

Because DNA values the gift of donation, we stay in touch with families for a minimum of two years after the death of a loved one and the selfless decision for donation.

In addition, Donor Family and Advocate Services coordinates communication between donor families and transplant recipients when both parties have indicated their readiness to reach out and get in touch.

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