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Referral & Donor Services

The donor referral phone call from Arizona hospitals and other organizations to Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) is the first step in the organ, eye and tissue donation process. Referral and Donor Services (RDS) receives those incoming referral calls from DNA health care partners. Annually, RDS answers nearly 25,000 incoming donor referral calls.

When a health care partner places a donor referral call to DNA, the representative has the option to select the type of referral call from an automated prompt. This will direct the caller to a DNA employee who specializes in the specific referral type.

DNA also has dedicated family support advocates available within RDS. These individuals, who have backgrounds in social work, counseling, clergy and other social services, will initiate the donation conversation with families for tissue and eye donation over the telephone. They are also available to answer incoming calls from donor families.

Twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, DNA’s RDS Department is easily accessible and offers excellent customer service to donor families and health care partners throughout the state.

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