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Medical Examiners

Medical Examiner Jurisdiction and Permission for Donation

Donation is possible in cases where a person’s death falls under the jurisdiction of an Arizona Office of the Medical Examiner (OME). Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) is committed to working closely with OMEs throughout the state to maintain our commitment to the recovery of all transplantable organs, tissues and corneas while ensuring they are able to meet their medicolegal responsibilities.

DNA seeks OME permission for donation for all cases that fall under their jurisdiction prior to the recovery of any organs, tissues or eyes.

Providing Donation Options for Families

Many OMEs in Arizona work to ensure that donation is an option for the families of individuals under their jurisdiction who die outside of Arizona hospitals. Through our medical examiner referral program, the OMEs refer potential donors to DNA for evaluation of the potential for donation for transplantation.

After the initial referral, DNA checks the DonateLifeAZ Registry to see if the person is a registered donor. If the individual made the choice during his or her lifetime, our team contacts the family to gain additional information for donation. If the individual had not made the decision, the family is invited to make the choice about donation on their loved one’s behalf. Following determination of medical suitability and authorization for donation by the individual or family and the medical examiner, donation recovery can take place at the medical examiner’s office or other surgical location.

Arizona medical examiners and their staff can email if they have any questions about our medical examiner partnership. If you need to reach someone right away, please call 1-800-447-9477.

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