Discover resources available to our donor families for honoring loved ones who shared the gift of life.

Writing to Your Donor Family


Kidney recipient, Mark Larson, and his donor’s mother, Mercy Villegas, honor Jess’ generous gift.

A Simple “Thank You”

Most likely, if you are reading this, your life has been saved and healed by the amazing gift of donation from someone. Or perhaps, you are hoping to receive the most compassionate gift a donor family can give.

You no doubt are aware that sadness and loss accompany a donor family’s gift of life to you. You, like many other recipients, may be wondering about what to say or do in regard to your donor family. You may want to express your gratitude but may feel awkward and even afraid. This guide is meant to help you.

Experience shows that donor families want to know that their gift has been received and that it has made a difference in someone’s life. A thank you letter from their recipient can often help them to bear the sorrow of their loss. Writing to a donor family can often help them in their healing process.

Donor families frequently report that choosing donation has helped them in their grief. They find meaning and lasting consolation from knowing they have saved and improved recipients’ lives. They also find meaning when they hear from the recipients and how they are doing.

Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) and your transplant coordinator will facilitate correspondence with your donor family. At DNA, it is our belief that donor families and recipients have the right to engage in mutually acceptable forms of communication, as they desire.

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