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Living Donation

Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) coordinates organ and tissue recovery from deceased donors. To register to give the gift of life through deceased donation, visit

What organs can be transplanted from a living donor?

The kidney is the most commonly transplanted organ from a living donor. One entire kidney is removed and transplanted. Living liver donation, where a segment of the donor’s liver is transplanted, occurs less often, and the donor is usually related to the recipient.

How do I become a living donor?

If you know a person you would like to help through living directed donation, talk to them and contact the transplant program where the person is listed.

If you would like to be a living nondirected donor, contact a transplant center of your choice to find out if they have this type of donation program.

Contacting a transplant center

When you contact transplant center staff, they will typically ask for your consent to begin a basic medical screening. The transplant center staff will ask you questions about your medical history to find out if you have any conditions that would keep you from being a donor.

Matching and compatibility

This initial screening is typically followed by a blood test to see if you are compatible with the intended transplant candidate. If you are not compatible with that person, you may have other options to donate. These options, described in more detail below, include paired exchange, blood type incompatible donation or positive crossmatch donation.

Living Donor MENTORS - National Kidney Donation Organization

The National Kidney Donation Organization (NKDO) is an organization of living donor mentors who connect with those interested in living kidney donation. NKDO educates prospective living kidney donors to donate as safely and effectively as possible. They are devoted to helping end the kidney crisis in this country.

If you are interested in learning more about living kidney donation, please visit their website at

Arizona Transplant Centers

DNA partners with Arizona’s five transplant centers to facilitate the lifesaving gift of organ donation and transplantation. These five hospitals have the combined capacity to perform heart, lung, kidney, pancreas and liver transplants.

Transplant Type: Heart, Kidney, Liver, Pancreas


Transplant Type: Kidney, Liver, Lung


Transplant Type: Heart, Kidney, Liver, Pancreas


Transplant Type: Pediatric Liver, Heart, Kidney

Liver: 602-933-0940

Heart: 602-933-3366

Kidney: 602-933-0965

Transplant Type: Kidney, Liver, Lung


Other Partner Organizations

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American Heart Association

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National Kidney Donation Organization

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