Discover resources available to our donor families for honoring loved ones who shared the gift of life.

Donor Designation

A Document of Gift, otherwise known as donor designation, establishes the intent of the person making the gift and serves as legal authorization for donation. This designation may be made in an advanced directive, living will, state ID card, donor card, driver’s license (through checking the box at the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division), website, donor registry form or via Swipe to Donate Life.

Arizona Revised Statute 36-847 (a) states that, except in limited circumstances, “…in the absence of an express, contrary indication by the donor, a person other than the donor is barred from making, amending or revoking an anatomical gift if the donor made an anatomical gift….”

Although authorization from the next-of-kin is not required, our donation and family advocate will provide information to the next-of-kin about the donation process and offer the same level of support and follow-up care that would be offered to any donor family.

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