Discover resources available to our donor families for honoring loved ones who shared the gift of life.

Transplant Centers

Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) partners with Arizona’s five transplant centers to facilitate the lifesaving gift of organ donation and transplantation. These five hospitals have the combined capacity to perform heart, lung, kidney, pancreas and liver transplants.

For more information about organ transplants and Arizona’s transplant centers, please visit the website of the centers below:

Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix: heart, kidney, pancreas and liver

Banner – University Medical Center Tucson: kidney, liver, lung

Mayo Clinic Hospital: heart, kidney, pancreas and liver

Phoenix Children’s Hospital: heart, kidney and liver (pediatric patients only)

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center: lung, kidney and liver

Recipients can also find additional information and resources through the United Network for Organ Sharing at

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