Discover resources available to our donor families for honoring loved ones who shared the gift of life.


Our various partners are essential to sharing the Donate Life message throughout the state. We offer many partnership opportunities, including health care, workplace, education and religious. We would love to work with you to save and heal lives in Arizona!

Health Care

Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) has many health care partners and works with organizations throughout the state to facilitate the lifesaving and life-healing gifts of donation. Our health care partners often take their involvement one step further and help publicly advocate for organ, tissue and eye donation.

Health care partners can request donor families and transplant recipients to share their story with employees. These stories show how the work done by health care workers makes a difference every day. Clinical speakers can also be requested to discuss the donation and transplantation process with staff.

Additionally, many health care partners hold registration booths in their buildings to encourage employees and visitors to register as donors.

To learn how to actively share the message of organ, tissue and eye donation, click here.


Partnerships with Arizona’s young men and women bring fresh enthusiasm to saving and healing lives through donation. Donate Life Arizona hosts annual High School and Campus Challenges that bring high school and college students together to learn about and register as organ, tissue and eye donors.

Donate Life Arizona partners with school clubs, science and health classes and many others to bring these challenges to high schools and colleges across Arizona. Students have the opportunity to take the lead on this project, making it unique and effective for their own school.

Students that often make a great impact have a personal connection with organ, tissue and eye donation, including having a relative who either gave or received the gift of life.

We provide registration cards, promotional materials, Reggie the Donor Cactus cutout (the Donate Life Arizona mascot) and anything else needed to make the high school or university’s registration event a big success.

For more information about the High School or Campus Challenge, contact


Major religions support the gift or organ, tissue and eye donation as an action of kindness toward others. Donate Life Arizona partners with religious organizations to promote this selfless gift.

From hosting registration drives, to finding ways to incorporate the message of donation during a service, there are many ways for our religious partners to support organ, tissue and eye donation.

We work with our religious partners to show how donation’s message of selflessness and generosity is supported by major faiths. We provide resources and promotional items to help register members and can also provide someone whose life has been touched by donation to speak at your service.

The biggest weekend of the year for our religious partners, National Donor Sabbath, is observed two weekends before Thanksgiving and gets your place of worship directly involved in promoting organ, tissue and eye donation.

To get involved in bringing the Donate Life message to your religious or faith-based organization, please contact


Donate Life Arizona’s workplace partners have opened their businesses up to the lifesaving and life-healing message of organ, tissue and eye donation. Workplace partners can encourage employees to register as donors, host Donate Life Arizona speakers and request a Donate Life Arizona registration booth at their place of business.

Donate Life Arizona will work together with workplace partners to determine the best way to promote donation according to each organization’s wants and needs. Becoming a workplace partner is a proactive way to bring the conversation about organ, tissue and eye donation to your colleagues and clientele.

Contact to find out how your organization can promote donation.

Thank you for supporting the lifesaving gift of organ, eye and tissue donation!

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