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Family Conversations

We help families make their best decisions in their worst moment, based on their values and beliefs.


This statement guides all of our conversations with families. We find when Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) and hospital personnel follow a planned pathway to the donation conversation, we are providing the best possible opportunity for a family to consider donation based upon their values and beliefs. A planned pathway includes:
  • A timely referral so that communication can begin early
  • Notification to DNA if the family is beginning to make end-of-life decisions, if brain death testing is being considered or if there is a worsening of the patient’s condition
  • A planned introduction of donation to the family involving DNA staff
  • For telephone conversations, providing contact information for the family, in case they leave the hospital following their loved one’s death
A hospital’s early communication with a family should focus on the treatment and condition of the patient. Your delivery of consistent and understandable information throughout the patient’s stay is the foundation for a good donation conversation.
When DNA staff, usually a donation and family advocate for organ, eye and tissue donation, or a family services advocate for tissue and eye donation, meets the family in-person or via telephone, we are building upon the relationship of trust and respect the family has already established with hospital staff. When it is appropriate, hospital staff will introduce DNA to the family as planned.
In our conversation with families, we will be able to answer any questions they may have and explore the donation decision with them in an in-depth conversation. We are trying to help families move beyond a reaction to the death of their loved one, to a considered and thoughtful decision about donation.
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