Discover resources available to our donor families for honoring loved ones who shared the gift of life.

Sharing Your Story

Join the Wall of Life at

The Wall of Life is a community-built, virtual symbol that bears testimony to selfless giving and offers tangible hope to those who are in need of organ, tissue and cornea transplants.

Here, you can share your unique and personal story of transplantation and encourage others to become registered donors.

Join us in building a symbol of hope! Add your name and story to the Wall of Life at

Become a volunteer

Our volunteers are essential in sharing the lifesaving and life-healing message of organ, tissue and cornea donation in the Arizona community. Volunteers can host booths for donor registration, speak at community and hospital events and assist DNA staff in event preparation. Click here to learn more about our volunteer program.

Share your story with media

Television, print and radio media opportunities make a great impact on public perception of organ, tissue and cornea donation. By sharing the special story that only you can tell, you help put a personal face behind the lifesaving and life-healing message of donation and transplantation.

If you are interested in sharing how your life was touched by donation, please visit our media contact page to reach our media relations personnel.

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