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Referral Process

Donor Network of Arizona Referral Hotline – 602-222-3800 (1-800-447-9477)

The timely referral of patients who meet the criteria for donation is essential to the donation process. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires hospitals and Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) to identify specific clinical triggers to determine when patients should be referred. In Arizona, the clinical triggers to refer patients within one hour are:

  • When a patient with a severe neuro injury/insult who is ventilated, and is evaluated as having a Glasgow Coma Score ≤ 5
  • When withdrawal of support is being considered, prior to any plan to discontinue mechanical or pharmacological support
  • At time of cardiac death (even if the patient has already been referred)

Additionally, hospitals should call DNA at 602-222-3800 (1-800-447-9477)  to report any of the following:

  • Brain death testing is being planned or discussed
  • Discussion of withdrawal of support
  • End-of-life/comfort care measures are being considered
  • If the family asks about donation

Click here for a Clinical Triggers Flyer to post on your unit.

It is important not to mention donation to the family at the time of referral. The appropriate time is after consultation and collaboration with DNA to determine the best time, place and who should be involved in the conversation.

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