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Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) is all about giving back to the community and creating a positive culture for employees. Join one of our committees to engage in our culture! 

"DE&I is a vital component at DNA. This program is essential to building a supportive and inclusive workplace culture for all."
Donna Wong-Lee
HLA Technologist

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

The purpose of this committee is to ensure that the organizational opportunities regarding diversity, equity and inclusion are discussed, obtained and realized with the intention of creating positive change and relevant behaviors that enhance DNA’s core values, mission and vision. 

Community Involvement Committee

The Community Involvement Committee provides a place for employees to participate in the development, communication and implementation of community service activities. Representatives from various work areas at DNA identify, organize and promote opportunities for staff to give back and make a positive impact. Activities, drives and other service projects help Arizona’s multicultural communities, children, veterans, homeless population and senior citizens. 

Multicultural Committee

The Multicultural Committee helps fulfill the lifesaving and life-healing mission of organ, eye and tissue donation by creating outreach within Arizona’s multicultural communities. The committee respectfully connects and provides education while receiving and sharing cultural feedback to further the message of donation. The committee is comprised of DNA staff, medical and community partners, and volunteers who are liaisons for donation within multicultural communities. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of lives saved and healed in multicultural communities. 

Planet Posse

The mission of this committee is to bring environmental awareness to DNA and expand opportunities for connecting with nature and the community through service to our environment. The committee has engaged in activities like recycling and Adopt-A-Street programs in the communities we serve. 

Wellness Committee

The mission of the Wellness Committee is to improve the health and wellbeing of DNA employees’ lives through health education and activities. The vision is to maintain a workplace that encourages environmental and social support for a healthy lifestyle. 

Development Committee

The purpose of the development committee is to assist with decision making and project work related to development of leadership, managerial, supervisory and universal professional competencies across DNA. Membership is by invitation and made up of representatives from different leadership levels and departments.   

CULTURE Committee

This group facilitates internal communications across DNA through a variety of platforms. The primary functions of this committee are ensuring communication of updates between departments and running company-wide communications campaigns as needed. 

Safety Committee

The mission of the Safety Committee is to serve as champions representing all areas of DNA in ensuring a safe place to work by carrying out responsibilities for safety inspections, safety communication, review of incident investigations, review of hazard reports, review of program results, and by making recommendations to continuously improve safety. The ultimate goal is a workplace that is free from known hazards, and all employees consistently practice safe work practices and experience zero safety incidents. 

Training Committee

The Training Committee’s purpose is to facilitate communication on organizational and department training topics related to compliance, clinical and technical competencies, donation communication, and general training best practices. It is made up of staff members who are responsible for organizational training, quality and/or department training and/or related initiatives.    

Blood Drive Committee

The purpose of the Blood Drive Committee is to promote and coordinate onsite blood drives and blood donation at DNA for the communities we serve.  

Other Committees, Clubs and Meetups

DNA staff often has organized other committees, clubs or meetup groups on topics of mutual interest. Some of these include: Crochet Club, SmartDollar Support Group (financial wellness), Kids@DNA (parent support group), and many others. 

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