Discover resources available to our donor families for honoring loved ones who shared the gift of life.

Generosity is the core of National Donate Life Month as much as it is the foundation of Donor Network of Arizona’s mission to save and heal lives.

However, the U.S. and the world are in uncertain times with coronavirus (COVID-19). The public health concerns have prompted changes to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including the cancellation of registration events.

The concepts of social distancing and self-quarantining also mean less Arizonans will check the box at an Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division office—which is the source of more than 95% of new organ, eye and tissue donor registrations in our state.

With public health and safety in mind, the reality is that we are missing some opportunities to get new registrations. But there’s hope!

Share Donation Digitally

Download and share the graphics below!
Who can you share the message of donation with?
  • Workplace and schools
  • Community groups and faith-based groups
  • Neighbors
    • The Nextdoor app is an interesting tool to communicate with people who live closest to you, who wave as you drive by, or get your mail if you’re out of town. There is a Nextdoor website as well, if you don’t have the app. If you’re not already part of your neighborhood’s Nextdoor group, visit and enter your address to get started
    • The Neighbors by Ring app works similarly, and you can even share footage if you have a Ring doorbell or security camera. To download the app, visit
    • If you live in a community with a Homeowners Association (HOA) that has an online forum, this is another great opportunity to engage with your neighbors while respecting their social distancing and yours. Please check with your HOA if this kind of communication lines up with its policy.
    • Also consider niche Facebook groups specific to your neighborhoods.
  • Local businesses have a lot on their hands these days with closures or limited services. But you can forge a partnership with them by telling your friends about the restaurant or plant nursery that supported the gift of life. Most businesses have multiple avenues of communication. Reach out through a “Contact Us” page, Facebook Messenger, reply to their Instagram stories with a direct message, etc.
Not sure what to say?

Here’s sample text you can use or build on:

Hi [ name ],

This April might be unusual, but it’s still National Donate Life Month! [ Add your connection to donation if applicable. ] I invite you to join me as I #SpreadGenerosityNotGerms by sharing something generous you’ve done or witnessed recently.

[ Share an example of generosity here as it relates to your donation journey or something more general you’ve witnessed recently. ]

Also, registering as an organ, eye and tissue donor is one of the best forms of generosity. If you’re not already signed up, you can do that now at, and it only takes 38 seconds to register!

Show your appreciation!

We’ve created cards that you can download and decorate for health care workers to thank them for their generosity and hard work during this time. Download the cards, decorate them however you’d like and include a special message!

Once you print out the cards, fold along the line in the center to create a space to write on the inside. The logo you see on the left side will become the back of the card!

Drop your cards off at the DNA Coolidge office!

Tips for cards:

  • Keep card salutations general, such as “Dear Healthcare Hero.” Avoid terms like “Doctor”, “Nurse”, “Mr.” or “Mrs.”
  • Share some heartfelt words expressing your gratitude for their efforts during this trying time.
  • Consider handwriting your card. A handwritten note can take more effort, but also convey your appreciation in a different way than a typed card.

Click to Download.

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