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A second second-chance

Kenneth Robinson (l) and Linda Robinson (r)

“I never had a solid diagnosis as to why my kidneys failed at the age of 26,” Linda Robinson says, though it didn’t entirely matter why she had kidney issues for 14 years. It came down to needing a transplant to stay alive.

Robinson’s father stepped up to the plate as a living donor, and she underwent a transplant surgery. Almost three decades later, a bout with COVID-19 damaged that same gifted kidney and put her on the waiting list again.

“I have been on hemodialysis since June 2022 and have had to put most of our travel plans and activities on hold,” Robinson says. “I do hemodialysis three days a week, three and a half hours a day. This is my life now.” 

She hopes another donor will come through. 

“When that happens, we will be able to travel to visit my elderly parents, our son, his wife and our three granddaughters.”

you can help

You can help provide hope to people like Linda. Registering to be a donor can help so many people who are awaiting a transplant, and lives are changed every day thanks to those who have registered. 

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