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Generosity lives on


“David Andrew was the most thoughtful, kind and helpful person you would have ever met. He constantly brought smiles to those around him,” says Brandy, his girlfriend.

Van Gorder family

In August 2022, he suffered an asthma attack that severely injured his brain. Twelve days after the injury, Andrew went on to donate his kidneys, bone marrow, tissue and corneas.

Though Andrew passed in 2022, the Van Gorder’s journey with organ donation began in 2016. His father, David Van Gorder, was diagnosed with stage 4 liver failure and was later listed for a liver and kidney transplant. 

Shortly after his father’s diagnosis, Andrew registered as an organ donor.

“The gift of donation and life is the one thing that brings us all some comfort,” says Bonnie Van Gorder, his mother. “He was always extremely generous, and this is very fitting for him to continue to give everything he had.”

Make the generous choice

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