Discover resources available to our donor families for honoring loved ones who shared the gift of life.

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Thank you for your interest in hosting a donor education and registration activity. We hope this will be a rewarding and exciting project, and that you will use this site to find the tools you need to make it easy and successful.

*Disclaimer: Donor Network of Arizona reserves the right to deny requests if they do not meet brand standards or are deemed inappropriate.

Prior to Event

  • Host a kick-off meeting with your team to:
    • Cover Donate Life Arizona training with your team/committee
    • Brainstorm ideas for themes
    • Brainstorm ideas for activities
    • Narrow the list to determine what activities you want to do
    • Choose dates for each activity
    • Create a calendar for your campaign, building in time to promote your activities before they happen.
    • Delegate responsibilities to your team for follow-up
  • Complete resource materials request form. You can request supplies, volunteers, and a personalized URL.

Resource Request Form
Complete the form by clicking the link below to request promotional materials, additional volunteers, or a personalized URL.

Complete Form


  • Review the Donate Life Arizona donation education information listed below.

Donation Presentation
Download and view this presentation to learn more about donation! Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

Setting Up For Success
These tips will make your table inviting and informative.

Starting the Conversation
This information will help those talking to the public feel comfortable about opening a donation conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions
Read through for answers to our most common questions.

For a video from the Mayo Clinic regarding more donation FAQs, please click here.

Donation Language
The terms and phrases we use when talking about donation matter. Using the correct words helps communicate respect for the donor, donor families and the decision to give the ultimate gift. This is a brief list of words we do and do not use.

  • Have your supplies come in? Check to be sure you have what you need.

Items for use during your campaign

Print this infographic to hand out to those who want more information. This fact sheet is an essential piece of any registration table.

Social Media Ideas
Use these posts to register your social media fans. See photo examples of how you can reach an exponential number of people through social media.

Sample Friends and Family Email
Use these sample messages to encourage your friends and family to register as an organ, tissue and eye donor to save lives! Be sure to include your personalized registration link in your email.


After Event

VERY IMPORTANT: after your activities, be sure any paper registration forms are sent to Donate Life Arizona for data entry. Mark the envelope with the name of your organization and leave a note inside saying what event they are coming from so we can add these to your campaign total.

  • Donate Life Arizona
    2010 W. Rio Salado Parkway
    Tempe, AZ 85281

Encourage your team/committee to write thank you notes to those who have helped make your campaign a success.

Write thank you notes for your team/committee; consider a small gift card or other appreciation gift.


Want to go further? What else can we partner on?

Donor and Recipient Stories
Share these donor and recipient stories to inspire others to register to be donors.

Become a Volunteer
Interested in volunteering with us regularly at fun events across the state? Fill out an application here.

Share Your Story
Have a donation story to share? Let us know about it by emailing

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