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The tummy angel


Valen Krasnov was just 3 years old when his parents learned he was in liver failure. He needed a transplant. The shocking news came after Valen and his father, Zaccarri Krasnov, went on a camping trip and noticed Valen’s eyes were almost completely yellow—jaundiced. He was admitted into the hospital in June 2021.

“We really thought we would bring him to the hospital, get some medicine and go home,” says his mother, Kelsey Krasnov. Luckily, Valen matched and received a transplant within 12 hours of being put on the transplant list, an indication of just how sick he truly was.

They call his donor the “tummy angel” and are always thinking of ways to celebrate the donor and make sure they are remembered.

“They have given us two more years with our son and for that we are forever thankful,” Kelsey says.

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