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Coping with Grief in the Age of COVID-19

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About the Speaker

AmarAtma Khalsa is a Grief Coach and an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. He has spent the better part of the decade working in end-of-life care, supporting hundreds of grievers.

AmarAtma has a Bachelor’s degree in Transpersonal Studies – a form of spiritual psychology – and holds two Master’s degrees – one in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and the other in Divinity.

After several years in private practice, AmarAtma had a call to work in the acute care setting, merging ministry and medicine. This call led him to Chaplaincy, where he completed a year and a half long residency and several-year fellowship at Banner Desert and Banner University Medical Center specializing in critical and palliative care services.

AmarAtma took this rarified professional experience back into private practice offering 1:1 virtual coaching in emotional resiliency. From his experience with grievers, he provides a methodology also for effective grieving. This dual-track combines a holistic approach to reclaim joy and peace with necessary life skills for sustained happiness and peace.

AmarAtma continues his relationship to acute care as a PRN Chaplain at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Beyond that, AmarAtma lives in Phoenix with his wife and dog, Teddy, who keeps AmarAtma grounded with his 2-a-day walks.

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