Discover resources available to our donor families for honoring loved ones who shared the gift of life.

Eye Surgeons

Donor Network of Arizona Eye Bank

Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) is the only eye bank in Arizona registered with the Food and Drug Administration and accredited by the Eye Bank Association of America for the recovery and distribution of ocular tissue for transplant. The eye bank at DNA supplies eye tissue for transplant to accredited surgeons in the state of Arizona, as well as nationally and internationally. As a highly regulated and accredited organization, DNA is committed to providing safe and quality tissue for all eye surgical procedures.

Here, you will find our accreditation and certifications, details on how to request tissue for transplant and contact information for our Ocular Department.

Should patients who have received donated eye tissue have questions regarding their gift, information for transplant recipients can be found here. Additionally, surgeons may provide recipients with this card, which offers information about contacting the family of their eye donor.

Thank you for your incredible work in restoring sight and for helping us make the most of life through the gift of donation!

Surgical Tissue Available

  • Preloaded DMEK grafts
    • LEITR 2.0 Micro Jones tube
    • Modified Jones Tube
  • Glycerol preserved corneal tissue
  • PK and ALK tissue
  • Pre-cut ALK, DMEK and DSEK
  • Whole globes for LKP transplant
  • Sclera tissue

Request Surgical Tissue

Surgical tissue can be requested days or months in advance by utilizing the Tissue Request Form or the Surgeon Portal. To request corneal tissue for an emergency surgery, please fill out the form and contact 602-222-2216.

If you are a new surgeon to our facility, we ask that you provide a copy of your current curriculum vitae and your state license along with the tissue request.

Surgeon Resources

DNA welcomes our surgeons to request research tissue or come onsite to utilize our operating rooms for Wetlabs via the Surgeon Portal.

Surgeon Feedback

DNA welcomes any feedback about our services. To provide feedback, please contact:

Sharlene Rupp, MPA, CEBT
Ocular Services Supervisor

Alan Taylor, CTBS
Tissue Services Director

Contact Information

The eye bank at DNA has ocular services coordinators available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to facilitate ocular surgical needs. If at any time you need assistance from one of our trained staff members, please contact us.

Phone: 602-222-2216

Adverse Tissue Reactions

To report an adverse tissue reaction, please reach out to DNA Eye Bank by email or phone at or 602-222-2216.

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